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 Support On Your Adoption Journey

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Adoption Psychotherapy

Ferris provides support for individuals and families trying to navigate the pre- and post-adoption process, including interactions with adoption agencies, adoption disruptions, and managing/coping with stressors. We are here to support you on your adoption journey.


Per 45 minute

Frequently asked questions

These FAQs provide a general overview of adoption psychotherapy, but keep in mind that each person’s adoption experience differs. It’s important to communicate openly with your therapist and ask any questions you may have throughout the therapy process.

What is adoption psychotherapy?2024-06-18T01:15:19+00:00

Adoption psychotherapy is a specialized form of therapy that supports individuals, couples, and families involved in the adoption process. It addresses various emotional, relational, and identity-related issues related to adoption, including pre-adoption preparation, post-adoption adjustment, adoption-related trauma, reunion experiences, and more.

What issues can be addressed in adoption psychotherapy?2024-06-18T01:15:19+00:00

Pre and Post Adoption challenges

    • Adoption disruptions – due to a failed adoption and agency related challenges
    • Becoming a new parent(s)

Adoption-related grief and loss

    • Identity exploration and adoption issues
    • Birth parent relationships and dynamics
When should someone consider seeking adoption psychotherapy?2024-06-18T01:19:25+00:00

Individuals or families involved in adoption may consider seeking adoption psychotherapy if they are experiencing:

    • Emotional challenges related to the adoption process, such as grief, anxiety, or depression
    • Difficulties in adjusting to new family dynamics or attachment issues
    • Identity exploration or questions about adoption-related identity
    • Relationship strain with birth parents, adoptive parents, or adoptees
    • Adoption disruptions
    • Need for support during reunion experiences or search processes
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